Hoof Care

Foundation Formula

 FOUNDATION FORMULAHoof conditioning supplment that promotes the growth and development of healthy hooves, optimizing hoof wall and frog quality, hoof integrity and strength.FEATURES

  • 20mg Biotin per dose
  • 150mg Bio-available Zinc per dose
  • 230mg Methionine per dose
  • 700mg Vitamin A per dose
  • Bio-available Minerals
  • Essential Amino Acids

SPECIAL INGREDIENTSdac® Foundation Formula promotes the growth and development of healthy hooves, optimizing horn and frog quality, hoof integrity and strength.Biotin - Biotin is a water soluble B- Vitamin. A number of research trials have concluded that providing 20mg of biotin per day will result in significant improvements to hoof quality in a period between 6 and 12 months.Methionine - Methionine is an essential amino acid which must be supplemented in the horse’s diet, as they are not able to produce this themselves. Methionine works synergistically with biotin to increase the effectiveness of both nutrients to improve hoof growth and integrity.Zinc - Zinc is associated with the health and integrity of hair, skin, hooves and the immune system. Zinc deficiencies retard the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein, which are necessary for proper hoof condition and repair. A shortage of zinc can also impair cellular division and growth and repair of connective tissues.Vitamin A - plays an important role in bone formation, tissue maintenance and hoof wall growth and strength. Vitamin A is necessary for the growth and development of normal hooves. Horses deficient in Vitamin A produce a poor quality, weak hoof wall.Bio-available Minerals – or chelated minerals are those that have been bonded to two or more amino acids. A mineral in this chelated state allows easy passage through the intestinal wall into the blood resulting in increased metabolism of that mineral. dac® Foundation Formula utilizes organic minerals to increase availability and enhance absorption rates.FEEDING DIRECTIONSdac® Foundation Formula can be fed with either fortified or unfortified grains. Feed dac® Foundation Formula at the following rate:Horses with poor quality hooves: 1 scoop (1 ounce) per horse per day if fed with either unfortified grains or fortified grains.Feeding rate based on 1000 lb horse.Guaranteed AnalysisBiotin (min): 300 mg/LB (20 mg)Lysine (min): 1.4% (390 mg)Methionine (min): 0.83% (230 mg)Pyridoxine (min): 460 mg/LB (30 mg)Vitamin A (min): 12,000 IU/LB (700 mg)Zinc (min): 5,500 ppm (150 mg)INGREDIENTSDistillers dried grains with solubles, biotin, sodium bentonite, L-lysine, corn oil, zinc sulfate, DL- methionine, zinc methionine complex, natural and artificial flavor, iron proteinate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and vitamin A supplement.Warranty InformationMoney Back Guarantee within 30 days of purchaseTags: Hair & Coat, Special Needs
Type: Special Needs   
Vendor: dac® Direct Action Company

Available Sizes:

  • 5# Bucket-40 Day Supply 
  • 20# Bucket-160 Day Supply 
  • 40# Bag-320 Day Supply 

Hoof Therapy

  dac®  Hoof Therapy – Maintains healthy hooves by providing protection against a wide spectrum of microbial infections, balancing moisture content of hoof and supplying nutrients needed for strong hoof growth. 4 key ingredients address microbial infections such as thrush, foot rot and canker at the source. Helps increase hoof strength and pliability to prevent cracks. Helps restore and support flexible, healthy hooves. Creates breathable moisture barrier. Antibacterial and antifungal. Leaves hooves with a healthy shine. Contains purified water, glycerin, zinc pyrithione, xanthan gum, silver nitrate, hydrolyzed keratin, Abyssinian oil, white thyme oil and tea tree oil.

Hoof Therapy is loaded with nutrients that facilitate healthy, strong hoof growth.

 • Zinc pyrithione: Broad spectrum antimicrobial disables cell transport system in fungal and bacterial cells. Disrupts membrane transport by blocking the proton pump that energizes the transport mechanism, starving the cell.

 • Tea tree oil and thyme oil disrupt permeability of bacterial membrane, causing cell to burst. Tea tree oil and thyme oil stimulate blood flow which assists in distribution of nutrients throughout hoof and expedites hoof growth.

Tea tree oil: Acts as an antifungal/antimicrobial agent, effective even against antibiotic resistant microbial strains.

White thyme oil: Contains thymol which is potent at combatting bacterial and fungal infections while soothing pain and inflammation.

 • Silver nitrate: Affects several aspects of microbial life including DNA replication, microbial energy production and oxygen use.

Glycerin and Abyssinian oil work to balance moisture content of hoof.
 • Glycerin stops evaporation of moisture from hoof through its humectant properties.
 • Abyssinian oil quickly absorbs into coronary band and periople to provide moisture throughout hoof.

Hydrolyzed keratin absorbed through the coronary band is directly incorporated in the synthesis of the tubules of the outer hoof wall.

Directions: Clean hoof and debride area of infected tissue. Apply into clefts of frog, heel bulb and holes or cracks. In severe cases, hoof can be packed with gauze or cotton after application. For active infections, treat 1-2 times daily for minimum of 3 days. To prevent future infections, treat twice weekly.

Made in the USA.